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WordPress LDMS Plug-in WordPress LDMS Plug-in

For all of you WordPress lovers we have great news! We have added a Link Directory Management Service (LDMS) plug-in to Wordpress. Now you can login to your WordPress account and go to add plug-in and with a few clicks have LDMS running on your web page. To get your plug-in click here.

2013-06-24 13:39

Google’s algorithm change Google’s algorithm change

As most of you know on April 24th Google has changed their algorithm to look for "black hat web spam".  The webspam refers to "keyword stuffing" and "spam back links". What they consider spam back links are thousands of links with same exact URL and anchor texts across the internet on pages that are not relevant to the website content.  This google's algorithm  change is aka "Penguin".

To avoid this problem we highly recommend getting Deep Linking service which allows you to change URLs and anchor texts dynamically.  This will not only improve your website overall rankings but will eliminate the issue of "spammy backlinks".  Also, as always we highly recommend you link to websites that will compliment your web site. 

Your website still needs quality backlinks to rank well and that will not change anytime soon. Stopping the link building campaigns is the one way to guarantee your search engine rankings to continue to drop.

To sign up for Deep Linking please click here!

Link Market Team

2013-04-19 10:08

Joomla! LDMS Plugin Joomla! LDMS Plugin

We have created new plug-in for LDMS and this one is for the Joomla! users. With this plug-in you will be able to integrate link building that has been done through Link Market right on your Joomla! website. 

To learn more about and to download the plug-in please, click here .  

2012-07-19 10:36

Website Monitoring Service Website Monitoring Service

We have added new service to Link Market and it is website monitoring. With the website monitoring you can now be assured your website is up and running smoothly. It will help your business reduce downtime, increase your server performance and help you reduce the risk of failed internet transaction and loss of revenue. To learn more please click here .  

2012-06-19 10:56

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